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Criminal Defense concerns the rights of every citizen to receive competent, fair, and vigorous representation when accused of a criminal offense.

It is vital that the constitutional rights of each individual be advanced and safeguarded in a justice system that can often be impersonal and can push for unfair or wrong resolutions. It is also necessary that all criminal defense tactics be implemented based upon a full and complete investigation and understanding of the facts.

Nicholas P. Frye, P.C. is an experienced and highly successful practitioner in the criminal defense area and will provide you with maximum effort as well as a sound understanding of the strategy and tactics inherent to determining the course of how your case will be best defended.

Criminal Law is the area of law that governs an individual’s relationship to the state and federal government. It includes various laws that define specific conduct that is prohibited by the state and federal government in order to protect the welfare and safety of the public.

The field of criminal law also includes protection of the right to Due Process for the accused, including arrest, arraignment, grand juries, plea-bargaining, discovery, pretrial hearings, jury selection, jury trials, bench trials, evidence, and motions. In order to prove any crime, the government must prove that the accused committed every element of the guilty act beyond a reasonable doubt – the highest standard of proof in our legal system.

The Law Office of Nicholas P. Frye, P.C. will defend against any criminal misdemeanor or felony charges (for clients in Massachusetts or New Hampshire), including:

armed robbery
assault / battery
check / card fraud
civil litigation
clerk’s hearings
college student cases
DCF investigations
divorce matters
domestic abuse
domestic relations

domestic violence
driving under influence (DUI)
drug charges
estate planning
family law
family probate
juvenile offenses
landlord / tenant law
motor vehicle crimes
motor vehicle homicide
old warrants

operating under influence (OUI)
personal injury
probation violations
restraining orders
shoplifting / theft
violent crimes
weapon charges
white-collar crimes
and more

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We understand that it is often during extremely stressful situations that individuals turn to hire a lawyer / attorney / legal counsel. Our firm’s goal is to provide the highest quality of legal representation during difficult times, while trying to mitigate the stress factors that inevitably come with all legal experiences.

Law Office of Nicholas P. Frye does not charge for introductory phone calls or initial consultations. We provide expert advice and representation that you can understand. We can be your criminal defense or DUI lawyer in Massachusetts or New Hampshire.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at (617) 903-3675 and inquire whether this firm is right for your specific needs.

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Law Office of Nicholas P. Frye can adequately represent you in any court in the following MA and NH counties:

Suffolk, Middlesex, Worcester, Essex, Norfolk, and Barnstable counties in Massachusetts and all counties throughout New Hampshire.


Law Office of Nicholas P. Frye has extensive experience representing in the following Massachusetts courts:

Suffolk Superior Court, Middlesex Superior Court, BMC Roxbury Court, Waltham District Court, Cambridge District Court, and many more.

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