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The Law Office of Nicholas P. Frye, P.C. has extensive experience in defending clients against criminal prosecution. We have defended against every type of criminal charge from DUIs and assaults to homicides.

Below you will find several personal testimonials and case studies from clients. Feel free to explore these reviews to get a better understanding of the quality of service you can expect from Law Office of Nicholas P. Frye, P.C.

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Cases and Client Testimonials:

“I absolutely recommend Nicholas Frye. Professional, smart and hard working lawyer. He won our case and I’m very happy we chose him as our lawyer.”

Oct. 2020 | Kerstin S.

Personal Testimonial

“I can’t recommend Attorney Frye highly enough. He handled every aspect of my case with great consideration and absolute professionalism.”

Jul. 2019 | Chris F.

Personal Testimonial

“Best of the best, hands down!”

Jul. 2019 | Peter W.

Personal Testimonial

“Fantastic lawyer. I hope you don’t need one, but if you do, Nick comes highly recommended and has a proven track record.”

Mar. 2019 | Eric T.

Personal Testimonial

“Real personal, hardworking, and you leave their offices feeling you have put your case in good hands!”

Nov. 2018 | Ryan G.

Personal Testimonial

“Nick is a rising start in the legal community. Very smart, knows the law, takes care of business and most importantly will listen to you, give it to you straight up about what your situation is, and then do everything that can be done to reach the best possible outcome.  You could not do better in finding a lawyer.”

Nov. 2018 | Dan S.

Personal Testimonial

“Nick goes above and beyond. He’s a great guy, very personable, which is nice when you need legal help.”

Jun. 2018 | Joyce D.

Personal Testimonial

“Above all he is an excellent person. His office of law is very professional and very knowledgeable of what he does. I sure do recommend, excellent attorney.”

Mar. 2018 | Armando A.

Personal Testimonial

“One of the best around. Down to earth, and personable… which is very welcoming when you’re in need of a legal help.”

Mar. 2018 | Marco A.

Personal Testimonial

“Amazing attorney! Extremely knowledgeable, highly recommended!”

Feb. 2018 | Sylvia X.

Personal Testimonial

‘Couldn’t thank Nicholas enough for all his help! One of the best you’ll ever find!”

Apr. 2015 | Kayla S.

Personal Testimonial

“Attorney Frye got my case dismissed at the first hearing after making the supposed “victim” look like a liar on the stand -which she is. Great guy who really helped me relax in a stressful situation.”

Mar. 2015 | Client

Case: Criminal Defense

“I contacted Attorney Frye about my rights as a lessee. He was quick to return my call and give me ample information about my rights as a lessee and steps to take before approaching my landlord. Nick was a down to earth guy that was very easy to communicate with, unlike stuffy attorneys I have worked with in recent years.”

Mar. 2015 | Jamie M.

Case: Property Lease

“Very impressed with the service I received. He got right to the point and helped me every step of the way, answering any question I had promptly. I would recommend Attorney Frye to anyone!”

Mar. 2015 | Carla C.

Personal Testimonial

“I was very nervous about having to obtain a lawyer, but when I first met attorney Frye after being recommended to him by a friend, he put me at ease. He explained in layman’s terms what would proceed, what everything meant, explained the possible outcomes, and has responded to all calls and emails in a timely fashion. I would recommend him to anyone needing defense services.”

Mar. 2015 | Lori C.

Personal Testimonial

“My husband and I are currently working with attorney Frye he is very professional. Quick to respond to any questions very easy to talk with regarding the issues we are dealing with. Would highly recommend him to family and friends in the future.”

Mar. 2015 | Client

Personal Testimonial

“Mr. Frye was my attorney in a major lawsuit against my videographer who stole money from not only my wife & I, but from dozens of couples. Mr. Frye was accommodating of my unique work schedule & would often take phone calls and have conversations well beyond “normal” work hours. I have had nothing but positive communications & correspondence with him, and I highly recommend him if you are in need of an attorney. Thank you Mr. Frye for all of your help.”

Mar. 2015 | Client

Case: Class Action / Video

“I hired Attorney Frye at the recommendation of a friend – and I have to say that there couldn’t have been a better recommendation given. I in turn would recommend Nicholas Frye to ANY ONE who is in need of good legal representation. Atty Frye sat down with me for my initial consultation, and from the very beginning, I knew that my best interest would be represented, and that he was not only working for me, but he understood my concerns, and kept focused on the outcome that I was looking for – and yes, he ultimately obtained that outcome for me. Attorney Frye spoke with me on a level that I understood – taking time to explain the laws to me and assuring that I understood them. He kept me informed at all times! I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Mar. 2015 | Wayne R.

Personal Testimonial

“I was falsely accused of a crime, and was going to lose my job because of the accusation. Nick got the case thrown out before I was formerly charged and he saved my job!”

Feb. 2015 | Client

Case: Employment

“Very easy to work with and always kept me informed as to what was going on with my case and explained everything to me. Thank for your hard work ”

Feb. 2015 | Jason H.

Personal Testimonial

“Attorney Frye helped us with some matters related to our home and he was always there to answer any questions that we may have had. He is motivated and seems to genuinely enjoy helping others resolve their problems. I would not hesitate to recommend Attorney Frye to anyone. He was always very down-to-earth and approachable. If you want to feel like you are a priority instead of sitting on the back-burner, then look no further!”

Feb. 2015 | Derek C.

Personal Testimonial

“I got in touch with Attorney Frye to take care of 3 separate vehicle criminal charges, 2 of which were felonies. As of this day I have no criminal record and recently got a new job because of it. Thanks Nick!”

Feb. 2015 | Michael W.

Case: Vehicle / Criminal

“When I found Atty. Nicholas Frye, I was going it alone in the Probate Court system. I was immersed in a system that seemed to me to have many unfair pitfalls for a Pro Se litigant. Upon hiring Atty. Frye to be my representative, it was clear that he knew how to navigate this complex system, and after listening carefully to my experience in the probate system, he was prepared to fight for me, and right some wrongs that had happened in the process. I recommend Atty. Nicholas Frye to anyone who wants fabulous representation from a lawyer. He is competent, caring, and compassionate, and mostly he will fight for you, and your family’s rights!”

Feb. 2015 | Richard P.

Case: Probate Court

“I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism, courtesy and knowledge Nicholas possessed regarding my case. I felt confident that he would represent my case in a fair and just manner. Before I worked with Nicholas, I felt unsure about the process of going to court. He was attentive and supportive of my needs and truly understood what outcome I was hoping for. With his support, I was assured that my case would be accurately represented.”

Feb. 2015 | Rebecca M.

Personal Testimonial

A jury has been selected in the Commonwealth v. Upton homicide trial in Barnstable county. The accused is being represented by Attorney Nicholas P. Frye, P.C. as second counsel. Opening statements set to begin at 2:00.

Jan. 2013 | Client

Case: Homicide

Client was being evicted and being sued for $23,000 in unpaid rent. We had the eviction vacated, the $23,000 waived, the clients do not have to move until July 2013, and the client’s family of four has to pay only $600 a month in rent (reduced from the $1,800 market value).

Oct. 2012 | Client

Case: Eviction

Client hired us after receiving a judgment for eviction. Our firm had the judgment vacated, the client was allowed to remain in the apartment for an additional 8 months, and was given a check for $9,000 in money damages.

Sep. 2012 | Client

Case: Eviction

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